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You are welcome to make a link to the Her Master's Walks website. However, please use the contact form to inform us of any link(s) which you make to this site.

Links made to the Her Master's Walks website should not infer any endorsement or partnership with that site or its services or products. Reciprocal links cannot be guaranteed. Links that have been notified to us will be checked for suitability and content before linking with that site.

Links from this website

Her Master's Walks contains links to websites operated by third parties. Although we look at all of these sites carefully to assess the suitability and content, we are not responsible for the reliability and content of any of these websites.
Her Master's Walks does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within any of the external websites or any association with their operators.
Her Master's Walks normally includes links to other websites that conform to one or more of the following criteria:

Yorkshire, National Parks, AONB's
Walking, mountaineering
Outdoor pastimes
Countryside and heritage
Websites with similar content

Where websites are included, they should be accessible, well presented and maintained appropriately. Changes to the link/site URL should be notified asap.

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